Rare Animal Lyrics – Glass Beach

Rare Animal Lyrics sung by Glass Beach represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Rare Animal by Glass Beach.

Rare Animal Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Guess I maybe misunderstood
I mean I guess I maybe had misspoke
We’re living in two different dialects
We’re speaking two different zip codes

[Verse 2]
Gold star, look me right in the eye
I mean gold star, see the shapes on the lightbox?
It’s sleepless car rides on anxious nights
It’s nothing after nothing

Thinking was he some gig you had to quit in 1999
Thinking about the fireflies on your back porch in mid-July
Thinking about if he keeps playing DB Cooper through her life
Thinking about you

Thinking about you
Thinking about you
He’s just sleepwalking on weary feet
Your headache
Your absentee
(Don’t get lost in a metaphor)
(Don’t get lost in a metaphor)
In a daydream (Don’t get lost in a metaphor)
(Don’t get lost in a metaphor)
Tectonic as all you do, thinking about you
Thinking about you

Parachute backpacks and cash stacks
Abscond the plane
No one was watching
He’s lost in Pacific rain
Run with the ransom
Head in a handgun

Honey, tomorrow was all smoke and mirrors
Tomorrow was all smoke and mirrors

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