Rap Caviar Lyrics – Mango The Only

Rap Caviar Lyrics sung by Mango The Only represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Rap Caviar by Mango The Only.

Rap Caviar Lyrics

Talking s^^t boy, grab the toothpaste
Where do you stay, turn a sunday-to a monday
Turn a Jay-Q-from a type beat-to a hype beast
To a fake shooter-put the guns away
They been tryna-tell me kick the love away
But I’m-a keep a new balance away
Yo, homie what the f^^k do I know
I’m a pretty boy colombiano, with the congo
West bantu-I’m mixed n^^ga vitiligo
P^^sed n^^ga-f^^k an-i-phone
Take a pic-with me then I go ghost
I’m a lone wolf, don’t supply hoes
Far as I go, boy I been goat
That’s kind of funny different animal
Kind of funny you ran out of ammo
But I keep going I got plot armor
You’re a bench warmer, I’m-D-one
Already burnt out, like a d^^n sun
Still funny to me-cus-you’re my son
Your career’s over, boy your pride’s done
Yous should think about where to apply son
I love coming after jail-bait
Boy you better get out of a pros’ face
Leave him leaking-like a f^^king prostate
You made nibble (nibxl) look genius
Too bad you’re both so retarded
They love bringing out my darkness
My bars cut deep cartilage
I’m the f^^king summer, I’ma-melt you
What a f^^king bummer-I rebuke you
I came up from nothing
You could stay in nothing
You could swallow my kids b^^ch, you stay talking-bout
Nothing, boy you stay rapping-bout-nuttin’
Treatin’ the beef like a stroke, so you know
I’ma-stay coming, treatin’ the beef like a stroke
N^^ga go and eat a f^^king muffin

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