Racing Into The Night Lyrics

Racing Into The Night Lyrics” sung by YOASOBI represents the English Music Ensemble.

Racing Into The Night Lyrics

Just like I’m about to sink, just like I’m about to melt
Only the two of us at night in the vast sky

[Verse 1]
It was only a simple goodbye
But it was all I needed to understand
The sinking sun, the rising night sky
Overlaps with your figure behind the fence
Ever since the first day we met
You stole my heart
Like you were wrapped in fragile air
You had a lonely gaze

In the world always ringing with “tick-tocks,” again and again
Touching the heartless words and loud voices
Even if tears are about to spill
If it were the two of us together
I’m sure mundane happiness could be found

In the troubling days, for the never-smiling you
I give my utmost love in hopes for the dazzling tomorrow
In the never ending night before we fall
Come and take my hand
Even the days that you hid inside, wanting to forget
It’ll melt with the warmth of my embraces
No need to be afraid, until dawn comes someday
Let’s be together

[Verse 2]
I hate it when you stare at the things only you can see
Like you’re captivated by it, or you’re in love
I hate that expression

The things I want to believe but I can’t no matter what I do
They’ll repeatedly appear, and every time, I’ll get angry and cry
Even so, some day we’ll surely, we’ll understand each other
I believe in it

“I don’t want this, I’m tired of it”
I frantically reach for your hand
But you push my hands away
“I don’t want this, I’m tired of it”
To tell the truth, I want to say that, too

In the world always ringing with “tick-tocks,” again and again
None of the words I’ve prepared for you reached you
“I want to end it all”
When I went along and said that
You smiled for the first time

In the troubling days, I became unable to smile
The reflection of you in my eyes is truly beautiful
The overflowing tears on the never-ending night
All dissolve into your smile

In the never-changing days when I cried
You seduce me with your tenderness towards the end
Just like I’m about to sink, just like I’m about to melt
The staining fog dissipates
In the days that I hide inside, wanting to forget
I take your hand as you extend it towards me
It’s like the cold breeze is swimming through the sky
Blowing through us

Don’t ever let go of my hand
The both of us, racing into the night

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Song NameRacing Into The Night
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