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Rabid Dog Lyrics sung by Palace represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Rabid Dog by Palace.

Rabid Dog Lyrics

Tempers astray
Just like a dog
Rabid for days
Lost in the fog

She ripped me in twain
As I sold you a story
Nothing but pain
To kiss me this morning

And I
Just put me down again
And I
Just put me down again

I gave her the sun
But she wanted the stars
We outlived the love
And now we’re fighting in cars

Cut my hand on the wall
To remember my name
These traumas on call
To turn witches to shame

And I
Just put me down again
And I
Just put me down again
(Holding on with all I’ve got)

And I
Just put me down again
(Lonely like a rabid dog)
And I
Just put me down again

There’s a child in my heart
It’s been riddled with blame
Lets go back to the start
To reason with shame

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