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Peek-a-boo Lyrics sung by Night Lovell from the album I Hope You’re Happy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Peek-a-boo by Night Lovell.

Peek-a-boo Lyrics

Even on this side
I spread my wings, I fly through day ’til night
And still I wonder why

[Verse 1]
’06, what if I ain’t have no one to lead?
All the s^^t I wanted wasn’t crazy as it seem
What if I was cravin’ tryna make a n^^ga bleed?
What if I ain’t grow to plant my motherf^^kin’ seed?
Can’t you n^^gas see this s^^t and what it does to me?
What if I ain’t learn just not to be the things I see?

I’m a monster, I’m a monster, monster, monster
I’m a monster, I’m a monster, monster, monster (Yeah, ayy, okay)

[Verse 2]
Late night, ridin’ with this pistol on my seat
Date night, where we goin’, it’s just me and me
All the things I seen him do, when we was just kids
Everything just makes me wanna cut that n^^ga ribs
Had to learn myself that people really can forgive
Lucky I was raised a way so I can not turn in-

To a monster, monster, monster, monster
To a monster, monster, monster, monster

[Verse 3]
F^^k it, we out, got the motherf^^kin’ drop
Caught that n^^ga on his block, send the motherf^^kin’ shots
Now we runnin’ from the cops, was it worth it? I’on know
I ain’t really think of that, I ain’t really think at all, I just want my get back
What’s next? What do I do? Point it to my chest? Shoot?
I just made myself confused

Do you wanna be a monster? I’m a monster, monster, monster, monster
What would it cost ya? Ayy (I’m a monster, monster, monster)

[Verse 4]
Spooky times, lots of things you n^^gas don’t know
Lots of places in my brain I really don’t go
I’m f^^ked up, I think everybody knows
Lot of f^^ked up things happened but I had to grow
I’m the only one that’s gonna make sure I ain’t dead
I’m the only one that’s gonna lay there on that bed

I’m a monster
I’m a monster
I’m a monster, monster

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