One Of A Kind Lyrics – G.O.D. Sent (CHH)

One Of A Kind Lyrics sung by G.O.D. Sent (CHH) feat 4 Trinity & Ruth Vega from the album Christ In A HipHopper represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is One Of A Kind by G.O.D. Sent (CHH).

One Of A Kind Lyrics

VERSE 3: Ruth Vega
They call me weird, strange, peculiar, deranged
Something out of the ordinary, loca, insane
They be like, she ain’t married yet, she must be an alien
She likes sports and she’s a rapper, yup she’s a lesbian
Wear heels, dye your hair, wear tight clothes and watch them stare
Don’t you want to look like a centerfold, vanity fair
Mann they feed you lies, you need to look through His eyes
And trust me through His eyes I can see that I’m beautiful just the way He made me

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