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Now Or Never Lyrics sung by Scis represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Now Or Never by Scis.

Now Or Never Lyrics

This is how we roll
Sticks and Adderall
Left that girls awe
She still holding on
Hope I make it far
She wanna see the stars
This just what we do
Girl, I’m telling you
You the one I want and I believe you already knew
But the love is through
I’m still holding you
Said, “We’ll be together”
But I’m thinking like forever
Wish we spent the time way better
Flew away just like feather
What we had just died and severed
Switched up like the weather
Louis V the leather
Girl, it’s now or never
Said we’d be locked in
Hard times now, I’m feeling boxed
Long time, now my gang flocking
If you my bro, you should know I’m rocking
Get low before we get to dropping
Limbo now, we got him hopping
At my low and they steady watching
Know, they know that I’m really popping
I just hope you be around
Know, I know, I need you now
Heard my flow, they feigning now
Whistles blow when we in town
Kick the door, I’m beating down
For you, I’m speeding down
The tool got breaching rounds
She heard me like that sound
I’m OD, got racks
Glock on me, gon’ back down
He sip lean, he fat now
He not me, he class clown
I popped a bean, they said I’m woke
Friday night, get smacked down
City girl hoe wanna act out
She just wanna know the fast route
I couldn’t breathe, I had to know
Don’t play with me, might black out

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