Not Letting Go Lyrics – Kyle Richh

Not Letting Go Lyrics sung by Kyle Richh represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Not Letting Go by Kyle Richh.

Not Letting Go Lyrics

Grrah, Grrah, Grrah
Inside I Be Hurt, Put The Pain In The Vocal,
I Got Money, Still, Try To Be Noble
Make Some Mistakes That I Ain’t Had To Go Through,
Like, I’m Not In The Can
Still Alive, I Thank God, He Almighty,
Said, “Be Careful With Each Of Your Mans”
Read Red Signs, I Ain’t Taking Them Lightly, Like, D^^n
I Got Money By Being Myself,
Why Everybody Keep Taking My Flow?
Like If I Die They Gon’ Call Me A Goat,
Don’t Wanna Die So I Walk With A Ghost
Can’t Be Happy, My N!ggas In Pain,
’cause I Still Be Feeling The Same
Real N!gga Not Looking For Credit
And If It’s Beef Then I Don’t Wanna Get It
Thootie, Thootie, Dead On The Couch
I’m Tryna, What The Wetty About?
I Don’t Put Trust, Don’t Put Faith In These B!tches,
They Just Want The Life That I’m Living
Pray To God Everyday, I Be Sinning, Like,
Begging The Lord For Forgiveness

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