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Nostalgia Lyrics sung by Rod Wave from the album Nostalgia represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Nostalgia by Rod Wave.

Nostalgia Lyrics

[Chorus: Wet]
Where did the day go?
I never get to see you
And I never get to feel you, ooh
An ocean between us
The feeling below us
Watch as the distance
Leads to the fallout
The sun is settin’ now
Somewhere in the back of your mind
The leaves are fallin’ down
And I cling to the vine
Where did the day go?
I never get to see you
I never get to feel you, ooh

[Verse: Rod Wave]
Uh, d^^n, youngin, where have you been? Swear it been a minutе
On a late flight from Dallas, on the way back to the city
Tryna balancе out my life, I been so booked and busy
Disconnected from the trenches, but my heart forever in it
I’m still in this motherf^^ker with the ones I started with
I don’t need no brand-new friends, only partnerships
I don’t want no fairy tale Instagram model chick
I don’t have the time for the party and the arguin’
‘Member them small clubs? Hole in the wall clubs
Five-hundred-dollar backends in all dubs
These days, it ain’t the same, everything done changed
Youngin get up on stage, seven-fifty for his pain
At the basketball arena, but they here for the Wave
This motherf^^ker packed like a playoff game
All the women in my life could easily feel a distance
What’s the point of havin’ my heart if my mind busy?
All these n^^gas claimin’ it’s love, but I don’t get it
I don’t never ever feel love, only tension
Used to look up to rappers, but arrivin’ what did it
Ain’t no friends in this business, cutthroat competition
Lot of n^^gas get inside this position and lose the vision
So I’m focused more than ever, been grindin’ like we ain’t winnin’
I was stuck inside that bottom with problems, gettin’ evicted
Now it’s back-to-back tours two summers for sixty million

[Chorus: Wet & Rod Wave]
Where did the day go? (Alright)
I never get to see you (Alright)
I never get to feel you (Uh, alright), ooh, ooh
Where did the day go?
I never get to see you
I never get to feel you, ooh, ooh

The song is releasing on 15th September

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