No Hook Lyrics – Iayze

No Hook Lyrics sung by Iayze represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is No Hook by Iayze.

No Hook Lyrics

Talkin bout money I’ve been in a rush
Talkin bout hunnids I get to the money
Smoking on runtz
Trap house full of dope and hunnits
She gimme sum
She be like Jace you been a dog
But I’m a loc
Chuckin up 52 C’s in BK
Baby I ain’t no slob
We get the drop on him and we slide through and do our job
B^^ch talking up out his neck we put him on TV like the Office

Smoking on dope I’m coughing
Know a few bad b^^ches we been locked in
On the stage got my glock in
Feel like rampage Jackson
Dracos ARS Mac 10s
We don’t shop at Pacsun
Know a n^^ga got them packs in
Get mad I turn straps on
We just got them straps in
Like a seatbelt n^^ga strap in
I’m in the trap house trapeze trappin
Slide with 50 sides my

I slide with 50 sides my mag 10
Know these n^^gas faking
Trap house I’m not faking
Middle b^^ch she’s taking
P80 glocks that we make shift
50 shots can we take it
50 shots like I gotta drain this b^^ch
She wanna come in and have kids
I don’t love money but I love my kids
She don’t like me but she has my kids
Throw that b^^ch out her a^^ got kicked
F^^k number nine
F^^k Ksubi
And f^^k Rick
I don’t do s^^t but get money
And f^^k his b^^ch

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