Neo Lyrics – じん (JIN) (JPN) feat 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)

Neo Lyrics sung by じん (JIN) (JPN) ft. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) represents the Japanese Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Neo by Lyrical.

Neo Lyrics

[じん「NEO (ft. 初音ミク)」歌詞]

今も覚えてるはずさあれをLove Songって言うんだ






Neo Lyrics Romanized

Fukanzen na boku o ikiutsus^^ta you na neiro
Itsuka todaete shimatta utaenaku natte itta
Bukakkou na koe no minna mushi s^^te ita kyokusou
Ima mo oboeteru hazu sa are o love song tte iu nda

Aa jidai ga waapu s^^te kimi ga oite kareru kara
Sonna namida dare ni mo kizukareru wake nai darou
Dattara nakiwamekou ze!
Maikurofon o hissagete

Mou ikkai tsuyogatte hakidas^^te mune o kogas^^te
Genkai ni ki ga tsuita tte agaite baka na kimi wa utau
Nanmankai kieta tte kienaide hibiita ano kyoku o
Sou yatte utau nda yo kizuita kai? neo
Hajimemas^^te wa sumas^^ta kai? neo

Konna yonshousetsu ni negatte yume o takus^^te
Touzen ni aragatte sakaratte baka na kimi wa utau

Wasurerareta tte shinanaide hibiita sono kyoku wa
Kibou tte iu nda yo

Yatto ki ga tsuite takanatta mune o kogas^^te
Genkai ni ki ga tsuita tte agaite boku to kimi wa utau
Nanmankai kieta tte kienaide hibiita kono kyoku wa
Kou yatte utau ndarou sou darou? neo
Hajimemashite wa todoita kai? neo

Neo English Translation Lyrics

[Jin “NEO (ft. Hatsune Miku)” lyrics]

A tone that seems to be a vivid reflection of my imperfect self
One day I stopped singing, I couldn’t sing anymore
A song with an ungainly voice that everyone ignored
You must still remember that it’s called a love song

Ah, the times will warp and you will be left behind
There’s no way anyone would notice those tears.
Then let’s cry!
pull up the microphone

I forced myself to spit it out one more time, burning my chest.
Even if you realize your limits, you still struggle, and you, the idiot, sing.
That song that resonated without disappearing no matter how many times it disappeared
Did you realize that’s how you sing? NEO
Nice to meet you? NEO

Wish and entrust your dreams to these four bars
Naturally, you resist and go against the grain, you idiot, sing.
That song that resonated without dying even if it was forgotten
It’s called hope.

I finally noticed and my heart was pounding with excitement
Even when we realize our limits, you and I struggle and sing.
No matter how many times it disappeared, this song never faded away and resonated
This is how you sing, right? NEO

Nice to meet you, did it arrive? NEO

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