Nasty Interlude Lyrics – Diddy Feat Jozzy

Nasty Interlude Lyrics sung by Diddy Feat Jozzy from the album The Love Album: Off The Grid represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Nasty Interlude by Diddy.

Nasty Interlude Lyrics

Bored As Fu^k
How’ Bout You Just Like Come Over Tonight And We Can Vibe?

Can We Get Nasty?
Wanna Get Nasty? (I Really Wanna Do What You Wanna Do Like-)
Can We Get Nasty? (How Nasty Can We Get?)
Wanna Get Nasty?
(Can We Get?)
Can We Get Nasty? (I Don’t Really Kiss And Tell)
Can We Get Nasty? (I Really Won’t Judge You)
Get Nasty? (Nasty)

Shawty Can We Get Nasty As Fu^k With Me Tonight
Said, “Let’s Get Nasty” (Ooh)
Ooh, No “If,” “Ands,” Or “Buts”
Do What We Like (Do What We Like)
Baby, I Wanna Be Your Baby (I Wanna Be Your B^^ch, Baby)
Downright Nasty (As Freaky As You Wanna Be, Oh)

Can We Get Nasty? (Oh, Baby)
Downright Nasty (Baby, Can I Cum?)
Can We Get Nasty? (Baby, Can I Cum?)
Downright Nasty

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