My Girl (Unreleased) Lyrics – Kyle Richh X Jenn Carter

My Girl (Unreleased) Lyrics sung by Kyle Richh X Jenn Carter represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is My Girl by Kyle Richh X Jenn Carter.

My Girl (Unreleased) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kyle Ricch]
Givin back to the kids
Used to be broke, n^^gas ain’t give me s^^t
I just try to show love so they know it exists
Red boot on her body, it’s slim
Too pretty, I cannot resist
I’m tryna shoot my shot, b^^ch
Wh-Why you keep blockin’ the rim?
2AM, on the move
I’ve been sippin the Tris, it’s feelin’ like juice
Wo-Wocky, mix it with fruit
Too many drugs, I don’t know what to choose
Like, the life that I got, it ain’t nothing I wanted
Sellin my soul, I refuse

[Verse 2: Jenn Carter]
F^^k love (grrah)
Like, I don’t got nothing to prove
Stay by my side, it get sticky like glue (sticky like what?)
Off the wocky, I’m feeling confused (feelin confused)
I can’t tell if it’s just me and you (just me and you)

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