Mother Nature Lyrics – MGMT

Mother Nature Lyrics sung by MGMT represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Mother Nature by MGMT.

Mother Nature Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I put the groceries down on the front lawn
And think maybe the children just want recognition
I wrote the fairytale on a midnight drive
Wanting to know if I’m more than alive
I torched the fields again
And killed an honest man
Now I understand Mother Nature
Watch me running head-first into the thorns
It’s like the lights are off but somebody’s home

Unwrap that tourniquet ’round the sun
Turn those subtle reds into neon
You’ll see the difference when it’s done
But I understand your hesitation

[Verse 2]
Come take a walk with me down billionaire’s row
Trying to keep our balance over zero
We’ll write the fairytale for the rest of our lives
Throwing the trash away one more time

Holding on to love like a stone
Melting down today for tomorrow’s
Covenant of the heart
You know it’s turbulent from the start
And I understand it’s not your nature

But you need a friend
To take you home
You’ve got to begin again

To open castle gates and let me go inside
And taste the bitter tea that won’t let you hide
Then we can take away as much as we can steal
Break all the precious bones before the guards appear
Before the fantasy is cast into the fire
And strike the temple bell to resonate

The covenant of the heart
You know what comes right after the dark
But I understand your hesitation

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