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Morrison Lyrics sung by Night Lovell from the album I Hope You’re Happy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Morrison by Night Lovell.

Morrison Lyrics

​outby16, or dead on the scene, but together forever

Thought I made it known, I wonder why they cannot see, uh
I got good intentions, it was just a bad idea
All these ups and downs come around, this s^^t makes up my life (This s^^t makes up my life, b^^ch)
Ayy, yuh (Ayy)
If she says she’s hungry then it’s probably d^^k I’ll feed her
B^^ch, I f^^k with you so much I’ll climb the Burj Khalifa
I got too much pride, too much envy, yes, I got my f^^kin’ vices (Yes, I got my f^^kin’ vise, capiche?)
Yuh, ayy
Ever since the start there was just one thing that I said (Ayy)
I would never let this find a way into my head (Yeah)
I just fight, I don’t want it, but it’s nice, f^^k it run it
What’s the price? (What’s the motherf^^kin’ price?) (Yuh, ayy, yuh)
We came from the block, there was no way we could ascend
So all this money that I spend (So what), what the f^^k did you expect?
B^^ch, I see it then I want it
So I get it, I don’t got no d^^n regret (I don’t got no d^^n regret)
Ayy, yuh (Okay)
Yuh, everyday that pass, it’s another thing I lose
Overwork myself until I blow the f^^kin’ fuse
Now I’m runnin’ off, ain’t run far enough
This s^^t hurts me so I’m signin’ off (Woo)
Ayy, s^^t (Let’s go)
I go where I want, I don’t pay no f^^kin’ fee (Fee)
They just wanna roll with me, I guess this the place to be
Dot my I’s and cross my T’s, I don’t let nobody get this s^^t for free
Ayy, uh
Runnin’ through these motherf^^kin’ hoes, they be tryna move the goalpost
Ask me, “What’s her name?” What I look like? B^^ch, I don’t know
I need time alone, I be drivin’ ’round solo
Bumper scrape the motherf^^kin’ ground ’cause it’s so low
She say she wanna link, don’t wanna f^^k, I’m a no show (No)
Met that b^^ch in SoHo, face pretty, a^^ so-so (Okay)
Throwback fifteen years, we would buyin’ shoes at Globo (Uh, Globo)
Now this my reality, I travel ’round the whole globe
It don’t make no sense (It don’t make no sense)

Try to take me down, they did not succeed
And they miss me now, they miss me now, now, now

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