Money Motivation Lyrics – Paul Wall & Termanology

Money Motivation Lyrics sung by Paul Wall & Termanology represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Money Motivation by Paul Wall & Termanology.

Money Motivation Lyrics

[Verse 1:Paul Wall]
Peep the syncopation hustle is my location
If you’re lazy, we have no association
Grandiose with the grind is mine for the taking
Money is the motivation full collaboration
Write the script, fill it then back to my destination
No, doctor, but I got patients in there at the door waiting
Coast to coast paper chasing no time wasting
Get paid with no hesitation. Got the tubmans in rotation
You must be pranking if you think I ain’t astute
Moving paper like Dwight Schrute brute when stacking loot
After I get mine, I scoop down for my troop OGs I salute
Somehow I must be evil if money is the root
Search for paper I just chased the lead like a sleuth
Over time’s obligatory low hanging fruit
You just all talk and no action where’s the mute?

[Refrain:Nim K]
Money is the motivation. A lot of talking, man. I hear ya, but no action, huh?
Money is the motivation. No, I’ma get this cash, though. Money

Here we go
[Verse 2:Termanology]
Oh, f^^k a rap list I’m a rap god
Pocket full of cash and cards in the fast car
Hunnid toys 20 years I’ve been outdoors
Red carpets, red flags like a matador
Thousand features hunnid albums check the catalog
Diamond cross keep me shining while I praise God
Today’s hard everybody is broken mad
But social media have you thinking they got the bag
Million followers sleeping on the dirty floor p^^s poor
P^^sed off criss cross kids dropped off living with their grand moms
Instagram tricks for clicks. It’s like soft porn
What the f^^k is wrong with y’all? Like all of y’all
Too many characters acting like it’s Comic-Con
S^^t is comical, but me, I keep it logical and solid too
Same person in and out the booth

Huh? I swear all you b^^ches be chatting out your mouth sideways if you spend as much time grinding as you did chatting, you’d be somewhere on God. Money. It’s your money, not your funny. Up ho

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