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M.T.R Lyrics sung by Midknyte from the album The Colors EP represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is M.T.R by Midknyte.

M.T.R Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Blame it on the neurodivergent mind
Because, i lit it up
They are searchin’ for her while it’s burnin’
Kinda turnin’ into “find the burden”
Behind the curtains, is a fern and a pile a dirt and
In Sight of urchins, it’s “fight because it’s urgent”
She had to die because she was flirtin’ with the guy down the street
It beats me to do this discreetly, so now she’s’ learnin’
On what not to do, so now’s she hurtin’
Maybe next time
“Next time?”
There won’t be next time
She’s in a coffin, rottin’ coughin’ with cotton in her
She’s out, but can’t plot because she’s knows i’m gone for dinner
Would’ve gone with her
But i thought she was gone, her sister kissed her
Goodbye, but i had to play the good guy role with her
Thought she was withered
But now she slithered like a snake to my place
To place the evidence
Laced my case of monster
What a monster!
I want her, to pay
I want to be in court and face her in the room
Grab a short broom and race her to her doom
Slap the bailiff, beat the plaintiff
To afford goons, a waster
She assumed i had such rooms
Always knew she had a thing for mushrooms
But actually i switched the laced monster with her
See her face? Posture, wobblin’ and fallin’, she can feel the taste
Of adderall and fetty
B^^ch, yea i did it all, i’m petty
Witch! I yell after she fell on the ground
Where should I put her?
A hound, on the mound or the ditch, or the well?
Well, f^^k!
I didn’t plan ahead
I don’t plan to behead
But i do plan to get some head
I read her face because it was redder
She woke up from the hole, buried alive
We’re married till’ we die
That’s the whole premise, its carried to my demise
Despise that

[Verse 2]
She’s my rose to my thorns
All of my foes to be worn
She my disciple to my bible
My medicine to my poison
Love, hate, relationship
Patience s^^t has overtaken the ship
Set sail to these faces miss
When i miss the pace to my own oasis hit
Contemplatin’ and pacin’ around, waitin’ on endin’ my life
Right in face and it’s kinda a waste to think about it like that
When my mind pushed my heart and taken the stage
To take my feelings out of its cage and it’s own rage
Powerful with a powerful mage with it’s magical sage
Stamina and mana lackin’ you can’t pull any card out of your backend
I start to back in, in and out like the burger joint
I further toy with your brain like a puppet
Man, f^^k it, i’m tired being tame and lame so you can s^^k it
And put ya brain and ya pain in bucket and make a ruckus, uncle, tom
I keep it hundred
I’m a disgustin’ husband
You can’t tell until that one faithful day of judgment
It’s blunt it’s the front end of to what it’s gonna become ehh
I do not know what i’m goin’ up at against
Judges say it’s offense i say it’s self
Won’t budge since my way it’s my health
Highway, my way, five days to do it five ways
I’ll wait for a sign
Yea, or maybe i’m givin’ up my time to do something right
Maybe it’s therapy for others and a money makin’ scheme to some
To sum it up is dumb, i’m bedlam, i’ve been calm
Every rap it’s somethin’ faster
But little do they know it’s not somethin’ they should master
They quit the next week after makin’ a mill, preach to the pastor
This is the conclusion to MidKnyte the rapper

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