Lump Of Coal Lyrics – Lando Bando Feat Fordio & Shaudy Kash

Lump Of Coal Lyrics sung by Lando Bando Featuring Fordio & Shaudy Kash from the album A Detroit Christmas Tale represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Lump Of Coal by Lyrical.

Lump Of Coal Lyrics

(Ooh, s^^t, that’s a Danny G beat)
(It’s Lando, your b^^ch know, don’t let your b^^ch go, n^^ga)

[Verse 1: Fordio]
Ho, I ain’t Santa, but I’m in your state with giffies
I got that column from the air, I think it’s Christmas
I can’t kick it, when I’m alone, the drank with me (No hat)
Bro, he ain’t OVO, but he brought Drac’ with him (I swear to God)
I go and turn a soda when I feel the envy (That’s what I do)
Show in your city, groupies backstage with me
And I’m so in the loop, hundred runs and it’s hard to choose
(Knew I was in it deep, had to sip a deuce to fix my mood)
Wouldn’t know what to do if they threw you in my shoes
I been known to risk it, n^^ga, that ain’t nothin’ new
What I’m sippin’, it be purple, what I’m wipin’ all blue
All clowns in your circle, find it funny, I’m amused
I peep the fake from the first day, I’m immune
Tryna get the bank, ain’t no first date, ho, I’m smooth (I’m good)
I be tryna find my next play, then I’m cool
N^^gas steady tryna hold onto fame from high school (Huh)
I’m a fashion junkie, mixin’ Dolce with the Rhude
Switched up when it got low, s^^t, I get it, though
Ain’t never have my hand out, got it on my own
It’s just me and my cup under a mistletoe

[Verse 2: TrDee]
Might change my name to John, watch how you talk to a legend (Legend)
I be ballin’ like LeBron, you not crowned, boy, you a peasant
F^^k it, crown me, I’m the don, I’ma be fresh up in heaven (Fresh)
They be hatin’ all the time ’cause I got motion like Eleven (I got motion)
N^^ga try me at twelve o’clock, he gon’ die at twelve
CPL sittin’ in my wallet, I won’t go to jail
I be places they ain’t never been, probably won’t see ’em out
Unky might as well be blind, ’cause he ain’t seen a drought (He havin’)
On top lookin’ down, you wish we was tradin’ places (You wish)
Even if you was Eddie Murphy, bet you still won’t make it (I bet)
Put his a^^ to sleep, Glock made his bed
I ain’t got no hair, I told my b^^ch she can’t play “Shake Yo Dreads”
Shake him out his s^^t, he ain’t even have a blick
She be always on d^^k, I know that make her n^^ga sick
I got blues, I don’t Crip, got some buffs, got ’em dipped
But don’t think that I’m a l^^k and won’t shoot you in your s^^t
Check my resume ‘fore you speak on my name
I was gettin’ to the money way before I had some fame
I’ma be the one that make it to the top and stay the same
Heard they kicked you out the group, you was out here like Eddie Kane

[Verse 3: Shaudy Kash]
I got ho-ho-hoes on the floor, floor, floor, it’s on then
If I’m in your party, I got pole in
Or I got pole near
B^^ch talkin’ dumb, s^^t, act like I don’t hear
Ghetto b^^ch with an accent like GloRilla
F^^k the soul out the b^^ch, now she wan’ go with me
This b^^ch so silly
B^^ch tryna milk a n^^ga out when I’m in her cookie
Young OG, b^^ch, I’m a vet, n^^gas been rookie (Yop)
Put d^^k in your b^^ch mouth, send her down the chimney (Yop)
I was chillin’ in your house, scrollin’ on your TV (Yop)
B^^ch, I’m the man, your lil’ man probably wanna be me
I’m a good example for ’em, these lil’ n^^gas weak
A ho wanna see me every morning, ho, I’ll think
B^^ch wanna put her think on me, she a shrink to me
Hey, what I mean when I say that, n^^ga? Think, dummy
I f^^ked that ho, can’t get his bae back, that b^^ch a goner

(It’s Lando, your b^^ch know, don’t let your b^^ch go, n^^ga)

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