Like That Lyrics – Freddie Dredd

Like That Lyrics sung by Freddie Dredd represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Like That by Freddie Dredd.

Like That Lyrics

I never hold anybody to their motherf^^kin’ word
Now tell me, what’s the f^^kin’ word
You never wanna go to work
I know the block is hot, yeah, f^^k the Ops
You runnin’ from the f^^kin’ cops
What’s the point of doin’ dirt when you afraid to f^^kin’ murk
I gave you all these guns and ammunition, would you zip it
I’m on a f^^kin’ mission ever since I started pimpin’
Never paid the cops, yeah, never did it
Ridin’ stolen Honda Civics
Gun up in the glovebox and I’m sippin’ on some tonic

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