Last Xmas Lyrics – Lando Bando feat Brezden

Last Xmas Lyrics sung by Lando Bando feat Brezden from the album A Detroit Christmas Tale represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Last Xmas by Lando Bando & Brezden.

Last Xmas Lyrics

(Ooh, s^^t, that’s a Danny G beat)

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Put a bow on top her head, this b^^ch throat gifted
Green Marni fuzzy, lookin’ like the Grinch that stole Christmas
Santa Claus, I got three hoes with me
Not a reindeer, it’s pitbull, a red nose with me
Courtside dolo ’cause you wasn’t tenth row with me
You can’t up a ten, thumb a dub, or spend no fifty
Cuddy on the road scorchin’, got some fent’ ‘bows with him
Tell a b^^ch, “Hell nah, I don’t bless hoes, silly”
You ain’t never, never, never self-check no giffies
Forty-five for this gig, but the next show sixty
Don’t you see the check? S^^t, I know my ex-hoes miss me
Make a ten in ten minutes, up the check so swiftly
Celebratin’ with some Wocky, won’t accept no whiskey
Awful lot of cough syrup, think it’s Desto with me
Perc’ man asked what color, told him Pepto Bis’ me
(S^^tyBoyz, Dog S^^t Militia, long live $cams, you know?)

[Verse 2: StanWill]
Brodie lightin’ up tree like it’s Christmas time
If it’s beef, up stick, make a shish kebab
All that tough tweetin’ s^^t got his system fried
Hundred-round bop, boy, this b^^ch shoot from six to five
She ain’t eatin’ d^^k, tell a ho get off me
B^^ch was on the nice list until I made his ho get naughty
When it’s time to step, boy, you know we walkin’
Thinkin’ I was sweet, did him sour, I just know he salty
Throw him on the bench, that boy ain’t scorin’ s^^t
S^^t, what’s hangin’ off my neck? A couple ornaments
On my giffy run, I went in every store and tripped
Funny, it was up until we put him on the floor and dipped
All that jokin’ got him smoked, where the Runtz at?
I can’t find one to give, where the f^^ks at?
Need some drawers, ARP got a nutsack
She let me poke ’cause I touch paper, I’m a thumbtack

[Verse 3: TrDee]
Caught him on a Monday, it was his last Christmas
Came back ballin’ on n^^gas like I’m Miles Bridges
They should sign bro, ’cause he shoot that b^^ch from long distance
Doggy started tellin’ when they hit him with a long sentence
They don’t even hear me, let me slow it down
If I go to jail, I told my b^^ch she better hold it down
N^^gas stealin’ drip, this ain’t the lost and found
Seen you out with it, I told her a^^ that n^^ga is a clown
I run it up, D’Andre Swiftly
I’m tryna get rich, you probably workin’ ’til you fifty
How you gettin’ money? Tell them n^^gas come and get me
AR got some kick like when I shoot it, it’ll hit me
Ice got me cold, buffs white like snow
Need a ten-day ’cause I ball on these n^^gas like a pro
She a head hunter, unbelievable
Got his last ride, shooters caught him in his vehicle
Went through trials and tribulations, I was not discouraged
If you ain’t talkin’ ’bout no money, then it’s not important
My b^^ch really foreign like she got imported
Runnin’ through that paper, know you sick as f^^k you got a shortage

[Verse 4: Brezden]
I won’t get a b^^ch a gift, I ain’t Santa, bae
Hundred dollars for a rice bowl, this ain’t Santa Fe
Take a trip across the world just like it’s Santa’s sleigh
Ice on me, chain gettin’ cold like it ran away
She been naughty, actin’ nasty, ain’t gettin’ a gift
Keep a missile, he step on my toe, it’ll give him a kiss
Used to write down what I want and go give him a list
Now I walk in malls and I just shop, spend a chicken on ‘fits
Every day, I’m gettin’ fried like some chicken and fish
TrDee, Stan, Tron, Brez, let the s^^tin’ commence
Shawty in here screen shakin’, it’s gettin’ intense
D^^n, I keep buyin’ all these ‘bows, it’s gettin’ expensive
Know he broke, when they say it, he gettin’ defensive
Signed a contract, made her nut, she gettin’ incentives
How the f^^k her butt growin’? It’s gettin’ extensive
F^^k around and pull her hair out, she gettin’ extensions
Flexin’ on the ‘Gram, actin’ like he ain’t get it for Christmas
Swear that shawty coochie got some claws, might make her my missus
Touchin’ on me, I’ma rise, she bakin’ my biscuits
She want Benihanas, go to Buc-ee’s and get her a brisket
Need a fine brown b^^ch, hot cocoa
Gang finna shake the world up like a snow globe
Thirteen days of Christmas, f^^k the po-po
Tryna play my reindeer dance, so I won’t go
Told a b^^ch that I’m the Grinch, won’t send her bread
How the f^^k I still got the cookie like gingerbread?
I’ve been chasin’ after chicken, them tenders, legs
Moncler with the Rick Owens, that’s winter Brez
Want a feat’, need a ticket like Polar Express
Lil’ bro havin’ birds like I’m showin’ my chest
Santa Claus, slidin’ down while you gettin’ some rest
In her cookie spillin’ milk, we makin’ a mess

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