Kingsley’s Outro Lyrics – Sean Leon

Kingsley’s Outro Lyrics sung by Sean Leon from the album In Loving Memory represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Kingsley’s Outro by Sean Leon.

Kingsley’s Outro Lyrics

I’m at your door sick
And I’m knocking
Let me in it
You know I want it
But what’s my intent
It ain’t innocent
But I’m honest
You know I’m honest
If you gon’ love me
You gotta love all of me
If you gon’ love me
You gotta love all of me
If you gon’ love me
You gotta love all of me
All of me, All of me
I’m standing on the edge two feet on the ledge

Tears down both my eyes bout to finally rest
Heading back to west bout to fly direct
Hit you on the text and you left me read
Sipping on that vino is that white or red
Roll some weed instead
Roll some weed instead
It’s just me again
Lights get dim quick
More than just a friendship
Now we ruining the friendship
Friends f^^k then fight then they end s^^t
(End s^^t, end s^^t)
I just want a happy ending
Why you so condescending
(So condescending)
I just want a happy ending
In the end though
It’s N-O
In the ends though in this Enzo And we whip that
That’s my M-O
Broken dream, to a Benzo Yeah I whip that Let my friends know
Ima get that, Ima pack that Let that thing go
Ima get that cause my brother ain’t get that
From the get go
Im callin’ now
But f^^k that, I should just call you out
Im callin’ now
But Rick that, I should just call you out

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