Killshot Lyrics – Upon A Burning Body

Killshot Lyrics sung by Upon A Burning Body represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Killshot by Upon A Burning Body.

Killshot Lyrics

It’s all or nothing, blood in blood out
You either bleed for this or get the f^^k out

Boom b^^ch killshot
Boom, boom b^^ch killshot

In the darkest night, nowhere to hide
Through the blood-soaked streets
Watch the dead rise
It’s a world war
Not just a battleground
Send these f^^kers back to hell
What’s your body count?
Like a dry season hurricane
Lead falls like acid rain
Screams of horror
A world of monsters, death is all around
Tear through the flesh
The barrel sings till there’s nothing left

Boom b^^ch killshot
Boom, boom b^^ch killshot

Suffer in the flames of your fate
Rotting flesh and vacant stares
A hunger for d^^nation
From the darkness they arise
Apocalyptic undead nation

Ready, steady, aim, fire

Boom b^^ch killshot
Boom, boom b^^ch killshot

In a war-torn world
The rise of the dead
Aim for the head

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