I’m In Love With Benjamin Franklin Lyrics – Migos

I’m In Love With Benjamin Franklin Lyrics - Migos

“I’m In Love With Benjamin Franklin Lyrics” sung by Migos represents the Tiktok Remix Music Ensemble. This song is originally known as YRN (ft. Young Thug).

I’m In Love With Benjamin Franklin Lyrics in English

Hook: young thug]
She wanna fuck on the young thugga (thugger, thugger)
She wanna threesome cause she like my friends (squad)
She wanna leave with us cause we look like we win (we win)
She wanna fuck me cause I’m with YRN
Thugga thugga
And Y-R-N
Thugga thugga and Y-R-Y-Y-R-N

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Play with kilos
Ocho cinco
I got stripes like a bengal
Snoop dogg ego
Johnny-fucking-Puerto Rico
I stand on that stage and look like a big Meech kilo(?)
Hundred bands in a Honda Civic
Standin’ on the stage lookin’ like a ton of midget
Leaning like a fool whole fucking body frigid
All the bitches say I smell just like fucking fishes
Young nigga run ya’ mutha’fuckin bands up
Young thug got his mutha’fuckin plans up
Young thug got all his fucking plans up
I ain’t tryna sound tough but my mans up
Ya’ dig?
Young thug got kids
Riddin’ in a fender bender
Kinda hard being a migos when everything never lasts
Young rich nigga gotta bitch with some church chicken thighs
Imma fucker Imma fucker Imma fucker Imma fucker Imma fucker

She wanna fuck
With a real boss nigga
That’s me
Rich nigga
I’m riding around in that Audi
I know that she gon’ notice me
I take her to beverly hills
She sippin’ on double sip
She might pop a pill
Lil’mama she killin’ it killin it’ (killin it’)
Young nigga gon’ have to write a will
Y-R-N (young rich nigga)
I’m in love with Benjamin Frank-a-lin
I got that white like Pee Wee Herman
Got green like Kermit
My bitch from Germany
She loyal
She servin’
I put her on the block and she workin’


[Verse 3:Takeoff]
Young nigga I exit the beamer
She see my demeanor
She know that I’m cleaner
(then who?)
Then all of them niggas
Got a lot of hoes but the young nigga still gotta keep her
I’m pressin’ my jewels
She diggin’ my moves(she diggin’ my moves)
She fuck with a nigga like me

Call her stella
She get back her grove
I’m sleepin’ on Versace cover
I sell out my brother
You know that its dirty
Tell him I met the bitch up in bahamas
I fucked her one time she tell me she love me
I ain’t gunna lie she got a fat ass sister
With a big fat ass
Say her name Tijuana
I hop out that masi
They takin them pictures
I swar to god nigga
All these hoes want is a young rich nigga

This was the lyrics of the song “I’m In Love With Benjamin Franklin” by Migos.

I’m In Love With Benjamin Franklin – Video Song

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