I Wanna Know Your Heart Lyrics – Evan Craft

I Wanna Know Your Heart Lyrics sung by Evan Craft represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Real Jesus by Evan Craft.

I Wanna Know Your Heart Lyrics

I don’t want a counterfeit
Or follow blindly what somebody said
I’m longing for relationship
God I want all of You and nothing less

Tell me did you really walk on the water
Do you really care about my problems?
Can You give me hope for tomorrow?
‘Cause I’m tired of the cheap imitations
Going through the motions and faking
My heart is here for the taking

Show me something I can really believe in
I was made for more than empty religion
Don’t need the hype, the stage and the lights, no
Don’t want nothing if it’s not the real Jesus

If you don’t fit into my politics
My preconceptions or my selfishness
Come and show me what love really is
Light the way and I will follow it

Who’d give up their throne to walk in our streets
To befriend the sinner and the least of these
Who’d lay it all down for you and for me
And show us there’s mercy in His majesty
I wanna know the King who took on our flesh
Who didn’t despise the cross or all our mess
I wanna know your heart
I wanna know your love
I wanna know you more and more and more

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