I Only Got One Rule Can You Keep It Strictly Us Lyrics

I Only Got One Rule Can You Keep It Strictly Us Lyrics” sung by Rapman represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is The Real Blue Story.

I Only Got One Rule Can You Keep It Strictly Us Lyrics

Whoa, whoa
It’s mad, you know
When I think about the journey
You know the journey to where I am now
To where I was just 18 months ago
You know what I’m sayin’?
I thank God

Ayo, it’s crazy how my life changed
The things I used to do for fast change
Now I’m gettin’ bored of this fast Range
Used to sell rocks but now I’m signed to the Roc
And furthermore, let me start from the top (Aight, go)
I went primary in Brockley
Yeah, them times I lived in Brockley
Back then, poverty would block me (Yeah)
I couldn’t move properly
Other kids would tease and cuss
But I just figured money wasn’t for us (Trust)
It’s high school times and I wanna go Crofton
All the kids in primary would talk about it often
But mummy said no
She said, “That ain’t the right way to go”
She said, “The kids, they have lost control”
She’ll find one of her own
She found one in Camberwell right next to the Narm
She checked the Ofsted report, so she thought it was calm
But one thing that mummy didn’t know
Was the area we lived in where she wanted me to go (Damn)
That they were in a postcode war and it was peak
But mummy didn’t know about the streets
Ghetto Boys v. the Peckham boys
On the roads making hella noise
Turning South East into a jungle
Five years of school, everything wasn’t cool
But that place there, man, it taught me how to rumble
I left there smarter, I left there harder
I left with no fear, man was ready for the Gaza (Truth)
I started rolling with the mandem from my borough
Deptford was my home, man, I repped the ends thorough
Me, Pose’, Risk and the rest of the batch
I got the nickname Rapman, so I started reppin’ with that
And it started getting hot
So me and Poser copped a wap
I was famous on my ends way before you heard a rap
Went to cop a nine-to-five but I couldn’t save a rack
Then I switched it up to squares but I couldn’t count on that
A little after that, that’s when I started to trap
Ant drop me a box and I never looked back (Never looked back)
I done that for the longest years
And I was praying every day that God would come and help me switch up careers (Amen)
Videos out every month, tryna get my name out (Stress)
And I was scared to read the comments any time they came out (True)
Are they gonna rate it?
Are they gonna hate it?
What am I gonna do just in case I didn’t make it? (What will I do?)
Man, f–k that, failure’s not an option (Why?)
Man’s gonna make it, I just need the concoction (Just need that)
They say I couldn’t buzz with stories
They said without radios and clubs, I wouldn’t see any glory (Haha)
But I knew that anybody that saw these
Would soon understand all the blessings that God sent for me
He soon sent me Shiro’s Story and my life all changed
Finally getting respect for my name
Got a phone call from the homeboy James
Said that I’m a black god and he wants to help me take on the game
He put me on FaceTime with Jay Rudebwoy (Ayo, Jay)
I was shocked, you should’ve seen my face
A few months down the line, you already know I signed (You already know)
Plus I signed my film deal, so my life was fine
So now I’m signed to the Roc, plus my film’s coming out
Not bad for a black man that grew up in the ghetto of the South
Man, I’ve come a long way from the trap days
Stacking up a supermarket shelf was the whack days
I never thought I’d be where I am
To make sure I stay up, I’m doing all I can (All I can)
Fam, I could’ve been dead, I could’ve been in the can
Praises to the most high, it wasn’t a part of the plan
See, I kinda always knew that the roles wasn’t for me
Facts, no cap, the real blue story
You already know

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