I Care Lyrics – Fabiana Palladino

I Care Lyrics sung by Fabiana Palladino represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is I Care by Fabiana Palladino.

I Care Lyrics

I care
And I care for you
I think so any way
I care and every day goes by
Where you make me feel okay
Love like this don’t [?]
I was on the way

I care, I care
So let’s be together every day
I care, I care
I care, oh

I care too much
I care for you
Am I the only one?
I care, but I’m scared, babe
Might find me on the run
I try too hard
I talk and talk
And never get inside your head
I care, so let’s try
Oh, to be together like we said

I care, I care (I care)
I care, I care (I care)
I care, I care (I care)
I care, I care (I care)

There’s no perfect love
When you love someone
That look [?]
No perfect stone
Ain’t no perfect [?]
So we’ll stop running, let’s slow down
I will be by you
If you want me to
And that’s what it’s all about
It’s like every [?]
A kiss from a dove
I’m gonna show you that I’m gonna be there

I care, I care (I care, ooh, oh, I really do, yeah)
I care, I care (Yeah, yeah)
I care, I care (Ooh-hoo-hoo)
I care, I care (Ooh-hoo) (What do I do to make you care?)
I care, I care (Let’s do it, don’t fight it, just let go)
I care, I care (Just let it go) (What do I do to make you care?)
I care, I care (What do I do, what do I do?)
Let’s do it, don’t fight it, just let go
I care, I care (It’s you on me, me on you, what do we do?)
(Come on)
I care (What do I do?)

I care
I care

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