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How To Use (Intro) Lyrics sung by Zion.T represents the Korean Music Ensemble. The name of the song is How To Use (Intro) by Zion.T.

How To Use (Intro) Lyrics

[자이언티 “How to use (intro)” 가사]

물건을 사면 이런 게 들어 있지
친절한 사용 방법이 적힌 paper
How to use 글자가 적힌
아침에 일어나면 나가기 싫지
그래서 만들었어 이 LP
막 눈을 떴을 때
일어나자마자 여유 있을 때
일어나 양치해야 돼
시간 남음 더 자도 돼
말하다 보니 잔소리 같아
물 첫 잔 마실 때
예쁜 옷 고를 때
틀어놔, uh

When you smile
I feel like
I feel like

How To Use (Intro) Lyrics Romanized

Mulgeoneul samyeon ireon ge deureo itji
Chinjeolhan sayong bangbeobi jeokin paper
How to use geuljaga jeokin
Achime ireonamyeon nagagi silchi
Geuraeseo mandeureosseo i LP
Mak nuneul tteosseul ttae
Ireonajamaja yeoyu isseul ttae
Ireona yangchihaeya dwae
Sigan nameum deo jado dwae
Malhada boni jansori gata
Mul cheot jan masil ttae
Yeppeun ot goreul ttae
Teureonwa, uh

When you smile
I feel like
I feel like

How To Use (Intro) English Translation Lyrics

When you buy something, it comes with this
A paper with kind instructions written on it
Words saying “How To Use”

In the morning, it’s hard to get out
So, I created this LP
Just opened my eyes
The moment I wake up, when there’s time to spare
Get up and brush your teeth
You can sleep a little longer if you want
It sounds like nagging as I talk

When you take the first sip of water
When you choose pretty clothes

Play it, uh
When you smile
I feel like
I feel like

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