Hellcats And Trackhawks Lyrics

Hellcats And Trackhawks Lyrics” sung by Only The Family & Lil Durk represents the English Music Ensemble.

Hellcats And Trackhawks Lyrics

[Verse: Lil Durk]
I remember claiming Dipset (Let’s get it)
I had some b^^ches on my line, I told them b^^ches get they lips wet (B^^ch, get your lips wet)

Lock that door, where them bows at? (Let’s get it)
Search for his gun, where his pole at? (Where his pole at?)
We on his a^s, where his shows at? (Where his shows at?)
He get away, we on his a^s, where he parole at? (Where hе parole at?)
I be hatin’ when thеse rappers call these rappers brothers (Brothers)

Only The Family in my eyes, b^^ch, we got each other (Yeah)
I popped a Perc’ and drunk a gallon, man, that hurt my stomach (Man, what?)
Doin’ the dash inside the Lamb’, that sh^t had make me vomit (Yeah, yeah)
F^^k from the back, I pull her hair, she screamin’ while she c^^min’ (She c^^min’)
Got foenem’ G-locks, they be clutchin’ every time they servin’ (Gang)
With all that rah-rah, like you like that, come around, you nervous (On gang)
Sneaky talkin’ like you like that, now you actin’ turtle (On gang)
Yeah, you ain’t like that, you ain’t catch a murder

Opps be threatenin’ me in my DM, we ain’t never worried (We ain’t never worried)Bleed, free Lil Steve, yeah, I call him Curry (Curry)
He be to himself but he’ll catch a murder (Catch a murder)
I’m smokin’ weed, I don’t f^^k with dirty (F^^k with dirty)
Can’t trust a E, ’cause these b^^ches dirty (‘Cause these b^^ches dirty)
I feel like Gleesh when I clutch my .30 (Uh)
Get out the streets, b^^ch, you touchin’ thirty (Touchin’, uh)
Dski been trappin’, he just touched a thirty (Touched a—, uh)
Rich O be cappin’ but you know that’s brodie (Yeah)
Uh, ayy, Booka put the switch on for me broski (Broski)
Uh, these n^^gas lookin’ like these n^^gas know me (Know me)
Yeah, you ain’t my brother, you ain’t my dawg or homie (Homies)

We got poppin’, now they all our homies (Woo, gang)
I just had a threesome with two thick b^^ches (Let’s get it)
They just suckin’ d^^k ’cause I don’t lick b^^ches (Gang, woo, gang)
He know I f^^ked his BM, now he sick with it (Gang, gang, gang)
Shot in his sh^t so when he spit, you know he twitch with it
Hellcats and Trackhawks (Let’s get it)
They got Timmy on the turn up, finna blast-off (Go)
He wouldn’t got caught for that body, took his mask off (Take is mask off)
She a ungrateful lil’ b^^ch, I take her a^s off (Take her a^s off)

Give me them t^^ties back, b^^ch
They call my phone like, “Get them glizzys back”, b^^ch
Tell your favorite rapper we ain’t feelin’ that, b^^ch
Tell your favorite trapper we ain’t hearin’ that (Let’s get it)
He want four thou’ but I got two, so n^^ga give me that (Man, give me that)
This stick up easy, this sh^t pity pat (This sh^t pity pat)
Know how I bleed, this where my city at (Where my city at)
I’m from the ‘Raq, you know it’s litty there (You know it’s litty there)
I ain’t never bleed, that rap’ll get me there (Yeah)

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