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Hate You Lyrics sung by Jordi represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Hate You by Jordi.

Hate You Lyrics

Had Me So Convinced I Was What You Wanted
Now I’m Crying on a Freeway
Overthinking How We Fell Apart

I’m in the Sweater You Gave Me
But It’s Not as Warm as It Used to Be
I Don’t Wanna Cut You Out Like This
But I Think That I Got to

Hate How You Lied and Called It Honest
I Let You Drive and Now I’m Carsick
Hate Knowing That Her Eyes
Made You Forget All About Mine

Hate How You Loved Me in the Right Ways
How You Turned Us Into a Cliche
Hate How You Made Me Fall
Hate How I Don’t Hate You at All

Hate You at All
Hate You at All
I Don’t Hate You
Hate You at All

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