God Gives The Hardest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers Lyrics

God Gives The Hardest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers Lyrics” sung by Fabolous represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Want You Back by Fabolous.

God Gives The Hardest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers Lyrics

To come motherfu^^er over a good person,
Is the asshole you end up with.
Get a taste of your own medicine
Funny, you don’t wanna end up sick.
Only took you back, even if it made my friends upset.
Told me I should blow you off, haven’t got that wind up, yet.
Know how many days I’ve hurt, many days I’ve been up stressed,
Though that we have been in love, maybe I’ve just been obsessed.
When you crossed me, you lost me,
Now if I was god and there it grows,
I would be more understanding but you will never grow.
You were my number one, but you uhmm, you were even close.
You try to make a point again, you ain’t never close,
You just throw some bulls^^t, bitch, you ain’t there, it grown,
I’m a lover and a fighter, fight for what I love,
But you made something up, bitches I take nothing of.
Ask myself why I fight when it’s long and over,
God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers.
So I fight for us, as long as there is reason to.
You wanted to give up on us as long as there is season two.
Cool, you’re gonna need me one day,
And if it’s Sunday, that one day gonna be Monday.
That’s how fast things change sometimes,
Ni^^ers play it though, I fail rain sometimes.
Like, like, like I want that bitch back,
I mean, I want her, but I don’t want the bitch back.
She said she want him, but she don’t want that ni^^er back,
That ni^^er act like I ain’t have a ni^^er back.

You’re gonna need me someday,
You’re gonna want me back in your heart.

You start with ‘I love you’, I think that we have the power to grow,
But it gave up, it ain’t no gal for the joke.
Funny thing about it all is you checked my Twitter every hour or so
And then you bring this fake sh^t to a reality show.
Been out for many years looking for divortion, it’s weird,
Your feelings without put them into motion.
Dictate the what’s and why’s, the how and when,
You ain’t learn to separate your now from then.
I keep my distance, ‘cause when I’m near, my head is hurting,
Exhausted every road to friendship, but is never worth it.
Me, I met the sweetest girl, you know young man in person.
Bottom line I made you to make a better version.
I tried to get you good advice, but you ain’t eat it,
Must’ve think that you ain’t eat it, but all I can do is see it.
Told you you’re gonna fuck around and end up sick,
It shows dick from the ni^^er out in new your next.
You’re so spiteful, that ain’t the way we at,
Back I was incerted in you, how could you pay me back?
I know you said when we’ll be old we’ll use our aim bigger
But you can’t have anonymity with famous ni^^ers.
I know you’re thinking my happiness is a front,
How could you ever know? Happiness is what you want.
So unidentifiable in that home and never let up,
Fuck you real good, but karma fuck you better.

You’re gonna need me one day,
You’re gonna want me back in your heart.

You never miss a good thing till it leave you,
Funny I realize I don’t need you.
You want me back, you know you’re gonna need me back,
Gonna have me back, yeah.
You’re heartbroken when you live in my world,
Boy, you know you should’ve kept this girl there for you,
Now I don’t know what you gonna do without me, baby.
That was the last thing I said to you,
I notice you know is dead end with you.

You’re gonna want me back, you’re gonna want me back.
You’re gonna want me back.

You’re gonna need me one day,
You’re gonna want me back in your heart

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