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Free Str8dropp Lyrics sung by Jay Fizzle from the album F^^k Being Famous represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Free Str8dropp by Jay Fizzle.

Free Str8dropp Lyrics

(What’s up, Slim?)
(Ooh, who is that? Girl, that’s Tella)
First things first, ‘fore I say anything
Start with this s^^t, long live King Flippa
Paper Route Frank (Before then, I really think I gave you n^^gas too much motherf^^king time)
Forever gang, standin’ on business (Ayy, Phantom, you the plug)
Big Paper Route business
Gang, gang
Ayy, man (Fah, fah, fah-fah-fah)
Since the blogs wanna report and post everything a n^^ga do and s^^t
Ayy, y’all go tell that big head-a^^ n^^ga Gotti he a b^^ch (Ho-a^^)
And your brother too, n^^ga, he don’t get away, f^^k you talkin’ ’bout? (I ain’t playin’ hide and seek, n^^ga)
Pop out (Yeah, my fans want that new-new, they waitin’ for that hot s^^t)
P^^sy, I ain’t good at that type s^^t, n^^ga
Aw yeah, one more thing, free Str8Dropp
I don’t wish ill on nobody
Tryna see a n^^ga tell
Paper Route Business, n^^ga, f^^k sixty
Fifty racks in my pocket, all big heads (Gang)

[Verse 1]
Ayy, if you ain’t with me, you against me
Still screamin’ f^^k the opps (F^^k ’em)
First off, long live Dolph
Tell ’em free Dropp, wanna see a n^^ga dead, not locked up (Stamp that)
Swear the safest place for him is to be in that box
‘Cause I’m prayin’ that I catch him, I’m tryna off a n^^ga top (Bah-bah-bah)
Keep my foot on they neck, I ain’t lettin’ up (Hard on ’em)
Tryna get in my way, you gettin’ wet up (B^^ch)
Tell me how the f^^k you miss a whole hundred f^^kin’ shots? (Haha)
I’m totin’ a sixty on this AR, I shoot thirty, twenty droppin’ (Twenty down)
B^^ch, I’m poppin’, nah, I really pop it
Swear my gang the hottest, Paper Route, we the topic (Gang)
Racks on me Ho Gotti (Stuffed with them big heads)
New chain cost a Masi’ (Naw, these ain’t no SIs)
Fans ask when I’m droppin’ (Ayy, where that new-new at, Fizzle?)
Swear you rap n^^gas floppin’ (N^^gas trash)
Got too much ice on my neck (Ice, baby)
Shawty wanna f^^k ’cause I’m poppin’ (Thot-thots)
Probably got too many racks in ’em
So Amiri jeans hang off my bottom (My pants sag)
Paper got a n^^ga limpin’ when I walk
I’m a cocky lil’ n^^ga
I need a Tic-Tac, all the s^^t a n^^ga be talkin’ (Ayy)
My fans want that new-new, they waitin’ for that hot s^^t
They keep askin’ me when that gangster s^^t droppin’ (Ayy, when you droppin’, Fizzle?)
Ahk s^^t, pop s^^t, 12 can’t stop s^^t
Tell ’em free Ralo and f^^k all the cops (Free Ralo)
When I drop a tape, all the real n^^gas flockin’ (Yeah)
Bad b^^ches love me, can’t get off my dickhead (Thottie)
My pockets on fat, bankroll Ho Gotti
Guess these racks in my pocket all big heads (Racks)

Ayy, and this my last time speakin’ on this s^^t, man
What my boy say?
CM who? CMF, Cocaine Musik F^^gots
Neck full of water, water (Water), wrist full of water, water (Soaking wet)
Got all these choppers, choppers, play foul, that chopper—

[Verse 2]
Say it’s smoke, we can link and wild out like we Biggie and Pac
I went watched the show, chose to carry my Glock
I be hard on these hoes, even harder on opps (Stamp that)
Big Paper Route business, we runnin’ s^^t, n^^gas can’t stop us (Stamp that)
Know we keep n^^gas mad (F^^k ’em)
Tell ’em f^^k n^^gas come do somethin’ ’bout it (P^^sy)
Come my way, watch how quick I reroute you (B^^ch)
With this four-nickel
You rap n^^gas green as f^^k, dill pickle (Green-a^^ n^^gas)
Five chains on my neck like a popsicle (Icy)
Wrist cold, but I’m totin’, so I’m hot
Gang wipe your nose like that s^^t full of snot
If I spin a n^^ga block, catch him lackin’, I’m walkin’ (F^^k a drive-by)
Catch him in traffic and shot through his window (Hawk down)
Man, I pull up with a 9, homie thought it was a chopper
On the back of my Glock 26, that Nintendo (Switchy)
Playin’ with your life, get it took
When you see me, don’t frown, fix your face, you’ll die off a look (On God)
Totin’ a 5.56 with a hundred green tips in the clip
I’m tryna put a whole fifty in a jit (Stamp that)
How you miss a whole f^^kin’ hundred f^^kin’ shots? (P^^sy, naw, the other half for Gotti)
How you miss a whole f^^kin’ hundred f^^kin’ shots? (Big-head motherf^^ker, yeah)
Ahk s^^t, pop s^^t, 12 can’t stop s^^t (Pop out, n^^ga)
Tell the crowd it’s free Ralo and long live Dolph (Stop all that hidin’ n^^ga)
We the ones up the score in the city
Say a bag on my head, we can wild out like Tupac and Biggie (We outside with it)
Big Grape got the big head (Stamp that)
I got your b^^ch on my dickhead (Haha, thottie)
Talk a lot of s^^t, I need Big Red
Keep the racks in my pockets, big head
Ho Gotti

Big Paper Route, n^^ga
F^^k the other side, man
Wack-a^^ s^^t
N^^gas only good with hidin’ and motherf^^kin’ hatin’
All that dodgin’, man
N^^gas should’ve played dodgeball, man (Ooh, who is that? Girl, that’s Tella)

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