Faling Again x 10 Lyrics – Harto Falión

Faling Again x 10 Lyrics sung by Harto Falión represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Faling Again x 10 by Harto Falión.

Faling Again x 10 Lyrics

I don’t really think they want that s^^t bad as us
Way too hungry for this s^^t but still I had enough
I don’t wanna go back to bagging up
In the back of rented vehicles in restaurants
But sometimes that’s just how it goes, this s^^t ain’t gon’ ever stop
BABY-G wrapped ’round my wrist I’m working ’round the clock
[?] ’til I drop [?]
That’s why I be saying I be spending yen like all the time
Stuck inside my brain, but I be floating out of body
I ain’t even try to make it worse, I said I’m sorry
Don’t feel like sitting in the function, so I smoke outside the party
I could really give a f^^k ’bout what they think, I’m thinking, hardly
I could care less, and I could care more
But really, I don’t ’cause that’s what I chose
I ain’t gon’ switch and I ain’t gon’ b^^ch ’bout it
I remember all the times I’d really rather just forget about it
Loud in the Porter bag, I don’t think they’re hearing us
I be so d^^n high ’cause I want no one near to us
Looking down ’cause when I fall, I’m hoping that they clear it up
This s^^t always happen, I just keep on getting up

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