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Fake Sentence Lyrics sung by Chronic Law represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Fake Sentence by Chronic Law.

Fake Sentence Lyrics

Yow Sonovic
Some people just like di idea of loyalty man, yuh zimmi?
Murder di game sed way, yuh zeet?
Squash fam (Mhmm)
Some people have ah bag ah words enuh
But wi just work wid di action

Nuh mek mi tell mi tell why grieve my lord
Long time mi nuh see nobody real my lord
See everything but mi nuh feel like talk
Scheme white hall
Mi nuh car, but mi feel right off
And mi heart cry tears weh nobody cyan dry
False smile and hypocrite deh yah all times
Small vibe show big pussyhole ah just lie
Yuh see if being fake was ah crime (Mhmm)

Ah nuff dem woulda be prison pon death row
Ah nuff dem woulda be wanted pon endz now
Ungrateful pussyhole fi gah graveyard
Yuh cyan trick mi, yuh colors start show
[?] woulda seh bwoy, yuh ears hard
Ah long time di disease aguh ’round

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