Evil Ways Freestyle Lyrics – Ransom

Evil Ways Freestyle Lyrics sung by Ransom represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Evil Ways Freestyle by Ransom.

Evil Ways Freestyle Lyrics

When it came time to Revolt, why would we involve Diddy?
And while I’m giving them hell, I’m praying that God’s with me
Cole , Drizzy J. Cole, Kendrick bet ya they all privy
Them cute little sixteens probably only get Josh Giddey
You know him from a dark city sharks bit me
Think I’m hypnotized ’cause I ain’t been in an SUV since we lost Biggie
I still got scars with me that’s the devil’s rent benevolent
I know the smell of dead bodies but still I’m heaven sent
These rappers blowing hot air but was never meant to vent
I speak to God in my sleep so every sin I repent I dreamt
I got a DM from Brian Miller inside a villa talking s^^t on how I deliver
He ain’t know I’m a hired killer
They all sounded like “mua you got to admire n^^gas”
Yeah, they murdering s^^t but I’m simply rated a hired killer
That’s borderline but I do more than rhyme
I am not human so I can’t be immortalized in these men mortals eyes
Y’all ain’t tired of all the lies the s^^t that got me mortified
My only wish is that more defy
How were you a boss when you’re taking orders from corporate guys ?
Was never suited so I uprooted and clipped them corporate ties
That’s a fact We need more leaders and less celebs
Invest your bread and face on a T is how We respect the dead
Can’t rest your head I’m at the gun store We shopping for blue steel
I’m too real so I asked if this ratchet came in this s^^y red
Never talk street s^^t and watch for them pesky feds
Nowadays these rap n^^gas rap with a zesty edge
Extra flamboyant the industry’s like a gang and they told me I can’t join it
I’m the best that they can’t avoid it
But now here We are I’m at a level so high that could never get near the bar
And there’s no barometer you can use to compare to God
And I’m choosing to spare the rod
Don’t gamble with your life ’cause you lose when you fear the odds
But I ain’t came to preach
They only think I’m raw when I flip and I aim the piece
But if you flip raw then it’s war if you came in peace
I talk a little different I’m appalled when a layman speaks
I’m evolving, to say the least
Capiche? you’d hang yourself if you knew the ropes
Tortured by entourages, go digging strippers and who can smoke
You do the most it hurts so bad to find out that you the joke
Be honest with yourself no more fantasies
Don’t pursue the hoax

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