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Demon Smacker Lyrics sung by Slimeball MK represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Demon Smacker by Slimeball MK.

Demon Smacker Lyrics


All glory to Jesus Christ
All glory to Jesus Christ


[Verse 1]
Can’t speak on what I did
I just give it all to Christ in case I do it again
I can’t keep spending my life committing the biggest sins
I made a promise to my God that I won’t -shhh, again
God I know you gon spin
I’m countin’ these Benjamins
But I can’t keep living my life just chasing [?]
They ask how I’m living my life, Man I’m tryin’ not to sin
I’m tryna die out the Pen
I’m tryna die out the grave
I came back from the dead but you could say I’m still asleep
But you can’t say I’m still a slave, I’m blessed, I’m paid
I thank God I’m here, thank God He made a way
I’m talkin’ about Jesus Christ
Yeah He just gave me life
It’s like I’m living twice
It’s like I ain’t gotta fight
God your light so bright
Got me higher than a kite
I’m Peter with my knife
Yeah serve Him with my life
I’m in your [?]
Now I don’t need these drugs
Guess I was a dumba^^ thug
It’s easy to catch a body
But it’s hard to love somebody
So God here go my body
Just make me Your #1 hobby
Let me touch somebody
Bring them to Your love
Just hear me from above
God Your love so tough
Cause that what made me buff
This right here ain’t no bluff
This right here from Your love
I ain’t gon hold no grudge
Cause that ain’t gon move a pudge
God say “down” say “Hut!”
I’m runnin’ for the touch
Your love ain’t go let me down
I ain’t gotta move outta town
You bring my enemies down
And You give me a crown
I ain’t gotta grab my tool
Unless You tell me to
Man we loosing screws
But I ain’t go be no fool
Jesus Christ my faith in You
And it’s like that for life
Gave me eternal life
I’m waiting for You to come back
This ain’t about MK Slatt
Jesus coming back
We smoking on Satan pack
I know he hate that
We smoke on fake Gods too
Yeah don’t be an opp
All my opps got dropped
No, we don’t praise Allah
Our praise be to Jah
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is King
Jesus Christ my sword
You my everything

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