Decepción Lyrics – Vile Serpent

Decepción Lyrics sung by Vile Serpent represents the Spanish Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Decepción by Vile Serpent.

Decepción Lyrics

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Decepción English Translation Lyrics

How could this be
I’ve become too fragile weak
Losing my sanity
When will this end for me

How does it feel
Rotten sick waste of space
Waste of space

You’re a f^^^^^^ plague
Nothing you do makes sense

Incarcerated in my head
Decapitate me urge

See the blood spill in all directions
You were nothing but deception

When I thought you would never leave
Opened my eyees now you can’t deceive

Now you can’t deceive

Everything I feel is poison
Living only suffering
You are a rat inside
Living without feeling

How can I fight the feeling
I’m always left bleeding

When I thought you would never leave
Opened my eyes now you can’t deceive

Now you can’t deceive

Teceive me

You are an idiot
Your life is not worth it
I want you to die
drowned in blood
You are worthless
S^^t on your mother
The disappointment ends here b!tch
Tea will drown in your fu^king blood, ba^tard

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