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Daily Duppy Lyrics sung by Yung Filly represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Daily Duppy by Yung Filly.

Daily Duppy Lyrics

I just took another flight overseas
I’ve gone clear
Now im top tier
The steak is wagu
My watch rare

Aint you seeing what I’m doing I could never feel the roads
Im just treating them to life only way I heal the bros

You Can’t chat to me
Doing real different s^^t Actually
Like seeing Norris win second place at the silverstone

Ugg slips comfortable when I zoom off
She said
I can see the stars I didn’t take the roof off
Took her to the rosewood just to cool off
Only black man in my neighbourhood like the boondocks
F^^k the bench I don’t ever wanne see them olds day
I put houses on the watches still I’m
Coming so late
Need another watch box
Mine filled with roses
She try sell me paradise that’s a cold play

Bro there ain’t no animosity just keep from round me
In the DBX tearing up the roads in Saudi
Shout me
You ain’t seeing me I been rebel
Hash smoke got me seeing nuttin
Everybody wanne ask for suttin
Low me
If your talking bout breaking butter

Most my bros got em some Ms
And I can say that
We ain’t calculating the bill
Bro I just paid that
Soon land
Aitch… should be pulling up in the maybach
State facts I’m monumental I had to state that
Cos little did they ever thought I would ever get the horse
Rari the sport
Now I need to hit the Forbes
Now I need to flip the score
Now I need to kick them doors down
Let the brodies walk in
I’m tryna have us all rich
I said little did I ever thought I would ever get the horse
Rari the sport
Now I need to hit the Forbes
Now I need to flip the score
Now I need to kick them doors down
Let the brodies walk in
I’m tryna have us all rich
See they know me as filly
See this weight on my chest is feeling heavier
Talking to you as a regular
Felipe Valencia
An immigrant from Colombia
Now picking colours for the Aston truck
I’m talking as the real me
Spilling out my pain you gotta feel me
Same time I don’t give a f^^k if you feel this
The real me
Got me looking in the mirror am I still me
Got me looking for my heart like is it still der
Do I still care
See I got it from the arm like a wheel chair
Meaning that I got from the muscle
Real spit darg it was struggle
Lemme tell you how it started
Growing up poor was the hardest
All around domestics and hardships
Mumzie got tested the hardest
Promised her the world so I can’t slip
And Pops he was dishing out the yola
To heat up the crib when it was colder
Guess I’m like a trap baby but I never carry that persona
Tough love
F^^k that
I clocked it weren’t that when I was older
I know he pictured me in Barcelona
Playing ball with the big players big payments, big status
Sad to say that the dreams over
Now I’m just a boy on a bench
Mumzie still struggling for rent
And pops is out the picture
Sis is running wild cah there’s no father figure in the den said there’s no farther figure in the den.
So I had to be the man and it was hard to not trap
Faiths in God so there had to be a plan
Then you know my s^^t jump from the snap they were loving man
Feeling like I got the upper hand but on the other hand
I was getting bait with no pay and I couldn’t just tip toe away
Was Doing vids for like six o a day
While this s^^t was doing millions
Like how am I so big and still living like Civilians
Give a f^^k about opinions
Cah now when I conversant dargy it ain’t nuttin less than millions
I ain’t bragging this the raw me
Don’t ignore me
Check the tape if you wanna know the rest of my story

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