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Crooked Lyrics sung by Vivziepop represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Crooked by Vivziepop.

Crooked Lyrics

[Verse 1: James Monroe Iglehart & Alex Brightman]
Crooked horn, crooked grin
You’re a crooked, horny, freaky, little joker (You’re a deadly sin)
And I don’t wanna hear another god-d^^n word about win, win, win

[Chorus: James Monroe Iglehart]
Oh, oh, oh, I think you’re messy, but I’m messy too
No, no, no, I wouldn’t clean a thing, when I ended up with you

[Verse 2: Alex Brightman & James Monroe Iglehart]
I don’t know why you waste your time on me (Baby, all I got is time)
When there’s so much I’ll never be
Holy s^^t, babe
There’s so much you can’t see (What can’t I see?)

[Chorus: James Monroe Iglehart, Alex Brightman, Alex Brightman & James Monroe Iglehart]
Oh, oh, you’re a broken record
Don’t you ever shut your crooked little lips
(What do you want me to do with my lips? Heh-heh)
Oh, oh, oh, you sure are lucky
You make my crooked heart do freaky, little flips
You make my crooked heart do froggie, little flips (Ribbit)

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