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Contrast Lyrics sung by Oddjobs from the album Conflict & Compromise represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Contrast by Oddjobs.

Contrast Lyrics

[Hook x2: Ella Fitzgerald]
The day is my enemy, the night my friend

[Verse 1: Crescent Moon]
Yo, I feel I’m bout to break probably every step I make
Breath I take, rest my case, I shoulda never slept awake
I can never show my face to the rays of the Sun
So I’m shunned from the evening’s ending when the day’s begun
Cuz the Moon is my light and my room is my night
Consumed from the fright, I think I’m losing my sight
I reunite with the sky, close my eyes, hope to die
Engross my mind as it goes floating by with no reply
Forms of life run the fight, storm the night like a castle
Among the shadows, never to return from the battle
Learn to travel through the galaxy, that’ll be my goal
Slip into a black hole and never see another soul

[Verse 2: Advizer]
Well once in a while, the sundial strikes 12:00 midnight
And once in a while, somebody tells you that your s^^t’s tight
And every now and then, you can look up in the sky
And watch the pigs fly, sometimes all of the things I
Say don’t mean what you think they do when it’s all unpredictable
Ayo, it’s better if you listen to
Yourself, go head, ride your own wavelength
That’s why until now, I’ve tried to save my strength
Just pave my way, stay on task, play with contrast
Til the day breaks, I’ll stay awake and as long as
You got different opinions on my course of work
I’ll try to sort through my warped views and force you to convert

[Hook x2: Ella Fitzgerald]
The day is my enemy, the night my friend

[Verse 3: Crescent Moon]
In the right mind frame, I’m tame, my brain
Does circles around opponents, don’t that make you laugh?
And take you back to that certain section of time
Standing at the bottom of the rope, expected to climb
Dissected the rhymes that they found embedded in my spine
Evidence revealed answers that they dreaded they would find
Somewhere along the lines of a fine model citizen
And an unstable schizo drinking bottles of nitroglycerin
I might go p^^s in the same lake that you be fishing in
Just be wishing that this is an isolated incident
Maybe I can get you in if you can get me outta here
Then tell me how you like MCing after about a year

[Verse 4: Advizer]
Twist, turn, bend, break
Wrist burn, headache
Rip, tear impairs my sincerity
Wide open, hoping I feel this way only temporarily
But no, it’s reoccurring, concurrent with my mode of speak
Blurring the lines, my thoughts I sow to reap
The code of the streets doesn’t apply to me
Trying to avoid society, everything that’s told to me sounds like lies to me
Surprisingly close to my heart is where I hold it
An agoraphobic without a clue
Yo, I’ve started taking notice and supporting the notion
That everything you doubt is true, cuz

[Hook: Ella Fitzgerald]
The day is my enemy, the night my friend

[Verse 5: Crescent Moon]
There’s certain things I don’t speak about or leak up out my mouth hole
I’m doubtful about those trying to battle while they’re out cold
I got a household of problems and a pouch full of answers
We’re all different shapes and sizes to what my man heard
So wake them eyelids, you d^^n nerd, and peep the action
That’s going on down with the sound I keep relaxing
A secret passion, has been for a while
Since when the f^^k did real hip hop go outta style?
Check the profile: Indian, black and white
So I attack the mic to bring the dead heads back to life
Quadrupeds nod their heads and be like “He’s so fly”
You want beef? Then you leave with E. coli

[Verse 6: Advizer and Crescent Moon]
And I’m stuck between the only two f^^king things
In this world that mean s^^t to me
Accustomed to the consumption of time I’m adapting
And I’ve learned to dream vividly (Oh, how riveting!)
Yeah right, had my fill of what I’m talking bout neglected
And now I’m walking out the coffee house not eclectic
Enough to accepted or fit in
Not normal enough not to MC, where to begin?
I began where I stand, lifespan is negotiable
Light in a right hand until the notebook’s full
When it’s full, I’m half empty from energy drained
Yet time is warmer spent in a penitentiary contained

[Hook: Ella Fitzgerald]
The day is my enemy, the night my friend
The day is my enemy, the night my friend
The day is my enemy

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