Chickened Out Lyrics – Young Thug Ft. Gunna

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Chickened Out Lyrics” sung by Young Thug Ft. Gunna represents the English Music Ensemble.

Chickened Out Lyrics in English

Lyrics from Snippets

[Young Thug]
Yeah, the spots upgraded now, b^^ches chickened out
Thirty five burnt hundreds on my [?]

Yeah, creamy cookie, all [?] family, the scotts
Serving the bags, cooking the store
Came in the spot and we serving you soap
I’m with the spazz, finding the flow
I’m with some crips, yeah, ‘Loc
Hand in the pot, I’m with some bloods
How many Slatts? Leave it to us, yeah
Count a rack, smoking on pot, yeah

[?] up my b^^ches, they sold ’em for some riches
This money be my message, drive me crazy, I need Ritalin
I told ’em I’m so slimey, I’m so shady, I admit it, yeah

[Verse: Gunna]
I need designer tees (Yeah)
I heard they plotting on me (Plot)
These niggas thought it was sweet

A YSL member (YSL), rocking XL denim
Put a few shells in ’em (Slatt)
Just ’cause ‘ion play, n^^ga
She wanna suck this pickle (Yeah)
Might spend a couple nickels (Yeah)
Don’t let em [?], n^^ga
Shoot it up, run n^^ga
[?] go [?], shady babies [?] go crazy (Loco)
Southside but not JD, pull up, AMG Mercedes (Mercedes)
(Run that back, Turbo)
Two Cs on my lady, that’s Celine, that’s not cha-nay-nay
Big dog when I rabies, wake up, everyday a play-day
All these diamonds in my chain, got me dancing ’round this b^^ch

Chickened Out Video Song

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Song Description

Song NameChickened Out
SingerYoung Thug Ft. Gunna
Music LabelYoung Thug

This was the lyrics of the song Chickened Out by Young Thug Ft. Gunna.

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