Chaos Master Lyrics – Jelusick

Chaos Master Lyrics sung by Jelusick represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Chaos Master by Jelusick.

Chaos Master Lyrics

Pulling over at the station of the weak
Godforsaken turning my other cheek
They tried to write me off the page
To erase and rearrange
But I crossed the line of floor
And I found the secret door

I’m not here anymore

Bury me this time it won’t be loud
Bury this heart of stone have no doubt
Bury me and don’t ask about the key
Just look into my eyes and you’ll see
Chaos master is me

Don’t ask me why
And how I got to this stage
If I could go back in time
I’d change my fu^king date and age

Now leave some space right next to my name
Into new tomorrow into the grave

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