Burn My Bridges Lyrics – Redzed

Burn My Bridges Lyrics sung by Redzed represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Burn My Bridges by Redzed.

Burn My Bridges Lyrics

Depressed and out stressed out
Bodies piling in the crypt
Home of death and murder
That I’m building gets another brick
I’m smacked out smacked out
Loaded in the f^^kin pit
Coping with the madness
I’m schizophrenic, need to clip
Red till the grave till I die
Of my sickness, I don’t play
Health could murder me tonight
Be a witness, Let me I rave, till I’m f^^kin flying high
Burn my bridges, I’m insane, got that suicidal mind, where my ditch is

Witness, witness my crucifix
Witness, witness my crucifix
Witness, witness my crucifix
Witness, witness my crucifix

I’m Coming straight up from the mud
Let me play that raining blood
Got that slayer on mind
Busters end up f^^kin gutted
Always going going hard
Acting frenzy, full retard
Motherf^^kers going blind
I Use their eyeball as my third
Bury me with the rims of my chevy
While my dark f^^kin beats playing heavy
R to to E D to the Zeddy
I Smoke a pack, smoke a pack, smoke a fatty

Coming down
From the drugs
B^^ch Be be quiet
Hearth beat pulse
Going nuts
Ready breaths fire
When I stop with that flow
Call it ceasefire
Let me roar let me roar
Cause I’m beast, lion
The room shakes and twitches like
A meth addict
Woke up crows and creatures from my back attic
May God save all the suckers
Trynna get deaded
I stopped counting all the bones
Ain’t into mathematics

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