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Brazy Story Lyrics sung by HoneyKomb Brazy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Brazy Story by HoneyKomb Brazy.

Brazy Story Lyrics

Know this b!tch named lisa see lisa she good people
Lisa be doing her thang lisa just dropped a regal
Ay lisa she fu^k with jack and jack he fu^k with tim
Jack fell in love with lisa and she fu^king both of them
Jack coming through a 3 leaving her by 7
Tim coming through at 9 leaving her by 11
See jack fu^k with tim that’s his right hand man but jack don’t even know
That tim fu^king his hoe
See tim don’t play tim the dumb way
But he don’t want jack to know so he keeping it on the low
One day jack snap on lisa lisa she just explode
I don’t fu^k with you no more that’s something that you got to know
Jack was like what you saying she like I’m fu^king yo friend
Jack yelled through the phone like b!tch stop all that playing

Lisa hung up the phone and jack he called his dog
Went straight to voicemail he don’t even answer the call
Jack hopped in the car on the way to lisa house parked the car
Around the corner got out and walked
Jack turned the corner seen tim car in the yard this s^^t can’t be true
Shit jack went to thanking hard
Jack went to the back yard crept through the back door
Now jack in the hall way they don’t eem much know
Jack bust through the door caught both of them in the bed
Look tim right in his eyes tim was lookin scared tim tried to
Explain gave tim two to the head gave lisa three to the chest left
Both of they a^^ dead cold world
Ya this that brazy s^^t okay this that brazy s^^t know check this out
Right here it get deeper and deeper
Jack doing it big
Jack moving them bricks
And its word round town they say he a walking lick he sweet
Aye jack fu^k with tony but he don’t know tony phony

He think tony his homie but tony bout that cheese only
And tony got a bad ass sister named sheila
Long hair pretty nicky thick she a bad b!tch
But she had no love for n!ggas since she lost her best friend tote
That razor in her mouth some s^^t she learned in the pen
One day she at her brother tony crib chillin on the couch
Out of no where jack just walk up in the house and she tell he dope
Boy the way that ice shine on him
He must’ve just got out of prison cause he got some size on him
Jack shocked n!gga mouth dropped can’t take his eyes off her
She kick back fire up her blunt and laugh cause she know he want her
She get up he look at her butt now this n!gga stuck
I must be drunk you must be what? cause this b!tch here fine as fu^k
Aye sheila been to prison she did five and some change
Like to play them mind games shell drive one insane
She asked him how he get his jewelry he said out the crack pot
Swear she saw them diamonds in his mouth she think its jack pot ching
Aye so you know it go on and on its like he link up with this b!tch
And this b!tch right here friends and its just get brazier and brazier
Jack caught out with sheila then he take her to the mall
Ball out 6 months later sheila moving in the house
Jack hand cuffing he ain’t tryna lose another b!tch
And he still ain’t forget that lil pu^sy s^^t he did he felt he could trust
Sheila so he ran to her and said
Told her I wacked lisa and my right hand man but he don’t even
Know sheila lisa best friend
He thinking this s^^t beginning but that’s when the s^^t gone end
Baby I got to pee can you hold on for a minute? she run to the
Bathroom drop tears for her dead friend
Wipe her face with a rag and look up in the mirror
Right then recognize she a natural born killer
She pulled out a phone called a thorough bred n!gga
Thanking no way he took my dog man I got to kill him
Hello aye this sheila zay I got a lil play
What it do I might know this dude move 40 bricks a day
Hold on wait I’m gone need more to meet is this a home invasion
No bae everything straight right now I’m at his place
You okay I’m about to text you all the info where he stay
Make it quick as soon as I get that b!tch on god I’m on my way
Sheila walked in the room he like it took you long enough
Told the n!gga shut yo mouth you know I had to freshen up
Sheila hopped in the bed he asked why you eyes red
Blamed it on the purp blunt went to kissing on his neck
Told him relax went to licking on his chest
Mad as fu^k still played her part hit him with some head aw yeah
That’s when he heard a knock at the door her head a fool forgot to
Take his glock to the door soon as he left sheila hopped up grabbed a gun out the purse
We he walked to the door was all he heard boom
N!gga got that iron in his face
And sheila right behind him clutching on a snub nose 38
Zay say fu^k it and went dumping slugs in chest she hit him 3 times
Across his back and then slumped one more across his neck

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