Big Mad Skit Lyrics – Brent Faiyaz feat Flee & Princess Cro

Big Mad Skit Lyrics sung by Brent Faiyaz feat. Flee & Princess Cro represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Big Mad Skit by Brent Faiyaz.

Big Mad Skit Lyrics

I guess I’m nothing and I’m something at the same time

Yeah, now you want to pick up your phone, you stupid a^^ b^^ch, what’s going on?
No, I know you’re not calling my phone on this bulls^^t
Son talking about he seen you and Brent, sexting staring all at this n^^ga big a^^ eyes
Why the f^^k you worried about what I’m doing? You not my father, boy
Listen, listen, listen, it’s crazy, I was just with you
You know what it is
Oh, why the— hold on, hold on, hold on, who the, who the f^^k is that laughing in the background? Hold on, who’s that laughing? And I know if you went to [?] p^^sy a^^, you won’t—
Boy, what you don’t know is him and his n^^gas got motion, you don’t, you a broke a^^ n^^ga
B^^ch, I got motion too, I just got my promotion
You a chump a^^ n^^ga
Hold on, how many are y’all there? How many b^^ches is that?
Chump a^^ n^^ga, you don’t wanna do s^^t
How many b^^ches is with you? ‘Cause I know if there are three of y’all, it’s only, it’s only seven-thousand between y’all, so I don’t even understand why y’all talking like this
You a chump a^^ n^^ga, you don’t spend it
B^^ch, y’all think y’all outside living life and s^^t like, y’all b^^ches living life of a w^^re
Man, we living life, living larger than you n^^ga, f^^k is you talking ’bout? We living life larger than life, f^^k is you talking ’bout?
Aight, b^^ch, say no more, aight

We could be all we need (We)
(What else?)

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