Bet I Can Lyrics – Exociety feat. ​love-sadKiD

Bet I Can Lyrics sung by Exociety feat. ​love-sadKiD represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Bet I Can by Exociety.

Bet I Can Lyrics

[Verse: love-sadKID]
Mama, I’m a betting man
Put it all on red, all on green, all on black
All on me, on the team, one more spin and we’re so back
Full house, ’bout to win with my amigos
How we’re stacking all these chips, I might get kicked out the casino
So what?
Clocks just keeps ticking, my shots keep on missing, I can’t leave this game to OT
They think that they got the kid beat, sorry that’s me
I don’t want problems, God honesty
Show me the path where I eat
I got my peers turning pastor, they preach to me
Each to their own, but I’m scared of defeat
My fears running faster, I’m back on my feet
Put me on my back ain’t no rat, but no cap I’m attacking, I’m snapping
I bite back and leap
Been too busy napping for actually rapping
They still can’t get past me like Snorlax, asleep
I lost my passion for bragging – I put my pride in the driver’s seat
Sly crew full of dons and they ride with me
Got me feeling like I’m tryna be the pirate king
It’s no stress, see Jimmy’s brush strokes on Picasso
All y’all rhymin’ ike paint thinner
Best thank God it ain’t a competition between them and me, ‘cuz they can’t win it
What’s an MVP to a ticket holder?
Y’all can watch me drippin’ with the paint spinning
Turn your favorite team to Gene Kelly
Have ’em looking stupid dancing in the rain singing
I do whatever I want, I guess I can’t f^^k it up
Living the life that I chose for myself
Ain’t no road when you paving your own
I got a couple scrapes and cuts, still ain’t lost a drop of blood
Cuz’ gods don’t bleed, so I don’t either
Gods don’t bleed, so I don’t even see the need to drop a beat of sweat
Rappers aiming for my head, labels pulling at my neck
Numbers coming from the web, all that I’m hearing is net (Swish)
Everything that I do is camp, b^^ch
Happened like I rubbed a lamp, wished
For everything that rolled up my sleeves
Grabbed my melted wings then jump
Way too close to the sun, feel like 90,000 degrees
I was just a little too young, with a really big heart
Ashy knees, and a scalp full of grease
Devil said, “tell me what you want
Sign it at the dot, we can get you set with a cut and a fee”
Been a couple weeks since they let a brother breathe
Got me begging for reprieve, boutta turn into a demon
I guess y’all forgot, no one is safe ’til I’m laid at the top
We ain’t the same in the brain, I’m a martian
Too much in common with me and the stars
Must be insane if they think that I’m falling
See me from space coming down, I’m a comet
Still making craters wherever, I promise
I cut my teeth on these records, these records could cut up a diamond, ugh

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