Arcy Gloves Hold Me Up Lyrics – Harto Falión

Arcy Gloves Hold Me Up Lyrics sung by Harto Falión represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Arcy Gloves Hold Me Up by Harto Falión.

Arcy Gloves Hold Me Up Lyrics

[?], it’s [?] season
The world feel colder, even when the temperature increases
There ain’t no peace, we just picking up the pieces
It’s like everybody’s hating for no reason
Arc’teryx fingertips just tryna get a grip
They gonna even hold you down when they see you ’boutta to slip
Better learn to pick yourself up and get it out the pit
Why it have to be like this, why you had to [?] so fast
[?] puzzled, I’m just tryna keep it in tact
My mind on shuffle, got me feeling like a iPad
I’ve been off the – too much, I need to relax
That’s just life, I can’t sit around and die for that
[?] generation, we was X’d out and isolated
I can’t tell what’s real, we living in a auto-generation
Life is just a game, and I don’t care ’bout how the f^^k you play it
If you got a problem, better solve it, and just up and say it
A man who hesitates always misses out
Man, I’ve been patient, sick of waiting, b^^ch, I’m getting out now
Don’t get too ahead and forget about now
I ain’t even say a word, but my Porter bag loud
While you was focused on your crown, we built our own empire
How you claiming you a boss, do us a favor, retire
Acting like you hate us, but you really inspired
All that s^^t you do, I know s^^t is expired

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