Another Late Night Lyrics – Drake feat. Lil Yachty

Another Late Night Lyrics sung by Drake feat. Lil Yachty represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Another Late Night by Drake.

Another Late Night Lyrics

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[Verse: Drake & Lil Yachty]

…send a finger to yo mama in some FedEx boxes
Open up that s^^t, it’s jaw droppin’, really shoppin’
I ain’t pretty flacko, b^^ch, this s^^t get really rocky
Yeah, dirty how I did on [?]
[?] in February, yeah
[?] just to see the scene (Go)
We catch an opp, now we in ?
[?], yeah, what I mean
[?], yeah, yeah
I swear that I [?]
Straight out the [?], ayy
… (Us)

[Chorus: Drake]
It’s just another late night without you
Just another late night without you
There’s something you can call her, ain’t no truce
They just love to hate on me, it makes no sense

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