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Almost Lyrics sung by 60 East represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Almost by 60 East.

Almost Lyrics

Yo I swear this b^^ch got me feeling some type of way
Got me in dark place praying for a brighter day
S^^t hit me out of nowhere like a tidal wave
Got me writing verses for you like a bible page
Its been a minute since i even felt this type of rage
Thinking back on you while i sit and let the vinyl play
Remisincing on them kisses everytime id visit
Did our own thing, never gave a f^^k about the critics
Guessing it was my bad it ain’t go any farther
Always left you hanging, maybe now this is the karma
My mom seeing it all, saying i’m just like my father
And why bother with these b^^ches, all they after is dollars
Love the way youd roll the l up i ain’t have to tell ya
Hit you with the quickness everytime i made my way to nela
City chick loved to roll in the coupe
Would put me on to new s^^t like kota and lute
Ain’t have to hop in the back we would f^^k in the front seat
Wanted you to be the one and i knew that from jump street
But i think my email had too many attachments
And my passions didn’t help always kept me distracted
And now i’m here thinking i shoulda played it different
In-stead of being distant shoulda made you my mrs
In-stead of trying fly you out shoulda tried to buy a house
Instead of a jump off, shoulda made you a wife and spouse
But you saying theres no point to keep trying now
Tired of the tears, funny im the one crying now
Said it took too long, it was time to move on
F^^king with your boots on, you got me like the roots song
Took you for granted should kept the pressure on
Cuz for real i kinda miss them movie marathons
Though i lied plenty never lied how i felt about you
And to think, i almost even told my mom about you


It is what it is


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