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After 10 Lyrics sung by Cassper Nyovest from the album Solomon represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is After 10 by Cassper Nyovest.

After 10 Lyrics

Part I

[Intro: Cassper Nyovest]
Time gos by so fast man
(Yeah yeah)
Ten years makin’ hits for y’all
Still feels like we liftin’ off
It’s Lebon showin’ off
Blisters or poets ain’t safe for home
I find myself talkin’ grease [?]

[Verse: Cassper Nyovest]
It’s different for n^^gas like m
Who had to get it from soil as fertile as concrete
But yo, we did it though
Might no talk it but we live it though
I find myself thinkin’ of quitin’ ’cause I don’t know if the stress is worth the millions
Mr Nyovest is in the buildin’
He came in a fleet
Yeah we stack it every day of the week
And as far as accolades, I’m a beast
And I don’t еven think deep of it
I got a whole lot of money
All thеse n^^gas tryna do is get a piece of it
Success, I’m at the peak of it (Peak of it)
Name a stad I ain’t a leader in
Don’t worry, I’ll wai
Man, you ain’t rich if you countin’ money (Money)
They know they can’t get to me that’s why they go for basadi bame
And it’s all in HD when Jabu shoots and you see the lense
Very proud I made it to a coupe from a BMX
Very clutch, it’s a alley-oop then you see the net
Izinja ze lif, hay’ abo Snoop nabo DMX
Grew to see Peter Pan
Groupies scream when they see the man
I get my mney in four ways, I could see the squares (Haha)
Full circle for the purple
I tun to Stephen from Steve Urkel
Don’t ever cross the church dude, I might hurt you, search you
Watch full of water, I get thirstful
I’m givin’ y’all a curfew

[Outro: Cassper Nyovest]
It ain’t safe after ten (Uh)

Part II

[Into; Nasty C]
Woza lana, (Oh s^^t d^^n)
Woza lana,(What the f^^k?)
(What the f^^k?)
(What the f^^k?)
(Ooh s^^t)
(Ayy, ayy)

[Verse: Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C]
I been on my s^^t yeah-yeah (Yeah)
She look super uber, I gave her a lift yeah-yeah (Woza lana)
She said I got a gift yeah-yeah
So she went abracadabra on the d^^k yeah-yeah (Hey)
I’m tryna be a better man (Better man, better man)
I don’t f^^k with the shenanigans
I spit a sixteen then ke bula sekele (Sekele)
Man there’s nothin’ you can tell to me (Okay)
I mean, eighty thousand hours, seven hundred and a couple change
Now I got ’em sour ’cause my wrist is doin’ somethin’ strange (Yeah)
Diamonds dancin’ like they Toss (Ooh)
Pause, diamonds dancin’ like a thot (Iyoh)
[?] white house, I am really him
Hirayamas over white girls, my opinion
Billiato movin’ out the shelf, s^^t is brilliant
Can’t wait to see their faces when I sell it for a billion (Yeah, yeah)
Uh, I Mayweather with the cheque (Yeah, yeah)
Edwin Sodi,with the black book, uh (Yeah, yeah)
N^^ga ai’t nobody safe
I ain’t perfect but I’m paid
They be askin\ “Who am I” like they singing Beenie Man
I went broke a couple times but you never see me stressed
Don’t got time to go on dates, I just wanna see these racks
I be in and out the bank like I work for VBS, uh (Oh s^^t)
And I pay for BBL’s (Yeah, b^^ch)
If you need one, hit me back (Oh s^^t)
N^^ga ain’t nobody safe (Yeah, b^^ch)
I ain’t perfect but I’m paid (Okay)

[Outro; Nasty C]
(Okay s^^t)
(Okay s^^t)
(What the f^^k?)
(What the f^^k?)
(What the f^^k?)
(What the f^^k?)
(What the f^^k?)

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