A Trapper Christmas Lyrics – Lando Bando

A Trapper Christmas Lyrics sung by Lando Bando from the album A Detroit Christmas Tale represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is A Trapper Christmas by Lando Bando.

A Trapper Christmas Lyrics

(Ooh, s^^t, that’s a Danny G beat)
(It’s Lando, your b^^ch know, don’t let your b^^ch go, n^^ga)

[Verse: Certified Trapper]
Ooh, s^^t, that’s a Danny G beat
Every f^^kin’ day, I get racks, it’s a repeat
Where you want it at? I’m finna put it on your titis
I go to sleep and wake up
Actin’ fake tough
Clumsy-a^^ n^^ga and he waste stuff
That’s me, I’ll hit you with some A-cups
Even in the snow, I’ll face ’em
Speed through the slush, get the chase done
Walk ’round with my Glock, I’ll bake somethin’
Hold on, where the f^^k you think you goin’? I’m finna chase him
Why the f^^k you twitchin’? N^^ga, b^^g somethin’
All these f^^kin’ switches, boy, you can’t run
Real f^^kin’ gangster, boy, you ain’t one
Jefe hit that n^^ga top with the paint gun
Get your f^^kin’ shoes laced up
Laced up, n^^ga, all you need is two paystubs
Paystubs, at the BET, throw the rakes up
Rakes up, hop out with this b^^ch, had to chase cuz
You wouldn’t get a present if I ain’t f^^k
You won’t get no p^^sy, get your game up
Bend that b^^ch over, f^^k her b^^g up
All them ho n^^gas had to change up
Hold on, spin the block, I just thought I seen an opp
Got me clutchin’ on my Glock, on the East, I won’t stop
I’ll face a n^^ga’s s^^t, I got aim with the chop
I don’t let s^^t go, n^^ga, you gon’ have to die

(It’s Lando, your b^^ch know, don’t let your b^^ch go, n^^ga)

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